Art has told stories of life, death, betrayal or glory over the years and this is something that has not changed and will not change in the near future, therefore we want to continue spreading art through your knowledge and desire to express unique ideas. 17ART is an artistic concept based on Critical Art, Graphite Art and Artistic Paint, wanting to individually express messages through unique decentralized art. If you are an artist and want to express your art, we invite you to join our network.

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Memories of my first jobs,
the importance of being digital,
the virtual does not disappear as long as there are people who love you,
sound of life,
Blockchain records your life and builds your history,
Bitcoin the network that does not rest,
I share this single with you,
my first publication of heart.
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1 13pDcxLkEnzaq22dbBL9YvgPyMN59PFu4q 49490 98.98%
2 1L7aoyA1ZJ75ZW6bLfzpxySfxA1hWZdxEK 5 0.01%
3 1PHnxfHgojebxzW6muz8zfbE4bkDtbEudx 3 0.01%
4 1GpLkgp9DHEdMaVriesS3WM8q74vraHRYi 2 0.00%
5 1CCPbFbST8ruJrTGjm2Ss5aTAaqng4naBN 1 0.00%
6 14QEEoeGe1KJLiiZXfrbg3ToS2RvsSHxVC 1 0.00%
7 1ADca8k8XRY278QfQ3f9ynWaNYFzUDhkrk 1 0.00%
8 1LAxt7tWzr7F3UAt4ydcXny7kP7LTqMGNn 1 0.00%
9 1Mp47wKLV6qhG4ZED2UvHTYbVvnTswjge4 1 0.00%
10 1AYdZJrY98sfBn5YRcZ7xFHjBxawoSHWzb 1 0.00%

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