About us

About CriticArt

17ART was created with the grandiose objective of designing a decentralized private art collection with three different themes called Critical Art, Graphite Draw and Artistic Paint, mainly focused on the CriticArt token, with the aim of sharing artistic knowledge of many people in search of a decentralized space for the publication of art created by all those who wish in one way or another to collaborate with this project called 17ART. We have previously collaborated on other projects, among these are the letters of the RarePepe project. which you can see in the following links:

The starting point for this whole idea is based on Satoshi Nakamoto, a great character who marks a before and after in the history of the world economy in recent years and perhaps the complete beginning of an era totally different from what we know for some years in all aspects, both political and economic. For this reason Satoshi Nakamoto has become a totally important personality for the demarcation of this new era, is the beginning of the implementation of a new world order possible? That is why there are so many stories and thoughts that you can write through images to communicate to others all your knowledge made through images.
It is because of this significant fact that we want to work on our own project based on a cartoonish hero called Pepe the frog all this linked to the decentralized NFT project called 17ART, as previously mentioned we want to share unique ideas and special experiences to each person whose objective is know more about the world. The CriticArt which will have other utilities within the community that will be progressively added to the system, this token has as its main utility the circulation and reuse of the token within our platform by different means, as time goes by we will try to implement new cases of use like GiveAways, payment of submissions for add new arts, with the aim of creating an economy established on this token. You can also share your knowledge about Pepe through comments on the platform however, CriticArt is not only about artistic projects based on thoughts or history, as mentioned above we want to introduce the Graphite Draw (art designed in pencil that expresses unique works of art) and Artistic Paint (art made with oil paint or painting graphic) for which any project based on artistic concepts that are their own ideas and are not images that contain copyright. will also be accepted. Therefore, we wish the maximum collaboration on the part of all those interested in growing this great community.