How send ART to

Card Sumission

Shipping process:
1) Image resolution must be 400x560 pixels.
2) The art must be clean, unique, personalized, it must tell a story (the main idea is to capture the viewer's attention and convey a message through an image). Meaningless drawings will not be accepted.
3) You must pay the cost of the shipping fee which is equal to 1 CriticArt token ( This is us dispenser: ) initially (this cost can change weekly if necessary). this has to be sended to: 1GdZcGEeSqTUbXCqvdojZh36gS7HHQVa5H .
4) The Asset must be locked, have the art in the description, with a limited number between 10 to 10kk supply.
5) When submitting your art to the submission process you must send the payment for the 1 criticart to the wallet and the image you wish to publish. Once your card is accepted, it will be automatically added to the site and published in the system and you will be informed.
6) The cards must be locked and include the character Pepe the Frog (if you want to add them to the CriticArt section). otherwise if you want to post in Graphite Draw or Artistic Paint it must be creative art.
7) No websites, pornographic content, violent content or qr codes should be included.
8) Only one project per day will be accepted and you have to wait to be verified and processed.
9) The use of an artistic frame for the cards is allowed.
10) You can use the bot : @Criticartbot on telegram.
The first submission period will be open from 4/13/2022 to 4/30/2022, depending on the amount of art received we will decide if we extend this period a little more. the idea is to create several collections of 17art so this first collection of cards will be to create the first collection.
You can use the next border for you cards: