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This card is showing Elon Musk in the typical pepe hand on chin gesture.It\'s sending the message of Elon beeing a white hat and part of \"the plan\" behind the scenes - just now demonstrated with his Twitter takeover.
The quote of his tweet highlights the importance of taking back the control of social media and thus of the narratives, by fighting the propaganda machine with the use of memes.
His Starlink will become a crucial weapon in future information and hash wars.

The card was minted on 3/15/22 (Ides of March) and while its true meaning has still to be figured out, the numerology contains some decoding of
3 15 22 11 11
Originally tweeted by Trump on 5/31/17, now confirmed by Devin Nunes posting a #COVFEFE on 3/15/22 on TS, while he first mentioned it as a retweet on 2/20/22 at 13:11:15.
Now, 44 days later, also Trump is back with his first post on TS, of course with #COVFEFE.The 11 11 is pointing to JFK\'s EO 11110, while Elon and other Bitcoiners (Saylor, Jack, Flynn, Trump, etc) love sending comms via 11:11 timestamps.In addition, Q post 135 on 11/11/17, the 315th day of the year, lists the Rothschild\'s central banks.Moreover, Andrew Jackson\'s birthday is on 3/15.On 3/15/21 the titles of Elon and Zach have changed to Technoking of Tesla and Master of Coin, respectively.The list goes on and on.Trump tweeting himself as Pepe on 10/13/15 at 1:53 with the hand on chin gesture rounds up the picture.

Covfefe, the tweet that needs NO edit button.

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