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The world doesn\'t need more paper money or slow transactions, the world needs Bitcoin and the crypto authority.Sure we have a space for dollar or fiat currencies but to use how a NFT Kek can fetch better value and is less devaluable.Kek

How God created the heavens and the earth.
Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin, to end the egemony and control of broken economies aimlessly.
Bitcoin is the beginning of a new era and the end of another.
The beginning of the implementation of a new world order governed by electronic economies.
and the end of the industrialized and controlling economy based on the paper receipt and printing ink.
It\'s time to raise the world and open our eyes because paper money will end up having a human utility to decorate walls and notebooks like papier-mâché or maybe posters.
the new era will be bitcoin.
an incorruptible coin with a history that can never be stopped.
All thanks to a unique visionary named Satoshi Nakamoto and a perfect project for the development of a freer humanity.

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