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Speaks ironically about the improvements that the new Chilean government wants to make, based on socialism and various social communities such as lgbtq+ and feminism.Having as adviser the famous bird of the former president of Venezuela Hugo Chávez, who began his dictatorship with the idealism of a world of equality without taking control of it, ending in a crisis throughout the country for more than 20 years.Gabriel Boric refers to a system change that has been maintained since the Pinochet dictatorship, a government that, between its lows and highs, has been able to take Chile to its golden years.In the image, Pepe represents President Gabriel Boric without a tie, as is his custom, with a belt that represents one of the communities that he supports and is supported, imagining new ideas for his country transmitted by the ideals of \"Chavez\'s little bird\", having In the background, the capital of Chile is on fire due to the chaos of its \"new projects\" Open Link.

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