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Flies indeed-

They are the mascot for death, fear and the devil.

Egyptians likely lost all control of rational thought during this plague, frustrated fearful and disoriented.

Today, for me, flies are the white noise in the TV that keep our minds in a fog of ignorant fear.
They are the buzzing in our brain keeping us distracted, and unaware our vulnerable subconscious is being preyed upon every second, every flip of the channel.

And with every ounce of repetition we absorb, our brains learn and store information.
Simply seeing something over and over will brand our subconscious and can sway our opinions whether we know it or not.

Being aware of this fact is half the battle in the fight for our own mental freedom.

Prayers and positivity frens, as we walk down rough roads keep on the full Armour of God- knowing always that in the end, GOD WINS

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