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Let my people go

So shall it be written- so shall it be done

Inspiration abounds when you get to watch God work in real time on the Earth in a way most centuries have never seen.

Carved out through the Bible were all the promises of God and the HiStory that would repeat itself through the ages trying so desperately to reach men and break through the veil cast over their eyes and hearts, blinding them from the truth…

This has been Satans world- and by his deception, we’ve been kept in a bondage of the mind.

Little by little one by one- with the introduction of a new kind of President in the USA, one that wasn’t an establishment politician, sparks were igniting round the world.
Soon the sparks spread and a wildfire burning for freedom caught the people.Suddenly the impossible began to seem possible.Suddenly it seemed like the gatekeepers were beginning to crumble and lights of hope were being lit round the world…

God had come back…

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