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The Joker (translated as the Joker and the Joker in Latin America) is a fictional character, belonging to DC Comics and the archenemy of Batman, as well as his antithesis.The Joker is one of the most influential villains in the history of comics, and one of the best recognized on a massive level.A threat to both heroes and villains, he is one of the most sinister and dangerous antagonists in the DC Universe.Its name in Spanish means El Bromista, although it also refers to the name of a card in the English deck, equivalent to the joker.Nothing is known about his past.In fact, the villain himself remembers absolutely nothing about his origins and often changes his story about how he ended up going crazy and why he changed his appearance.Portrayed in his beginnings as a murderous psychopath dressed as a clown, although later and because of the censorship imposed by the Comic Code Authority, the Joker\'s personality was changed to that of a harmless buffoon who only liked to annoy the police, but it was thanks to the time known as the \"renaissance of Batman comics\" and the popularity of Alan Moore\'s comic The Killing Joke (translated into Spanish as The Killing Joke) the character recovered the sinister personality with which he is currently known but that as the years passed, it became increasingly dark, reaching the level of murdering defenseless children, as described in The Dark Knight, the only thing that interests him is to see the world burn in anarchism and in the chaos.Sworn enemy of Batman, the Joker is responsible for two of Batman\'s greatest personal tragedies: the death of the second Robin, Jason Todd, and the paralysis of Barbara Gordon (Batgirl).Considered the antithesis of Batman, the Joker in a certain way represents the opposite side of Batman since while the hero is generally serious and fights against injustice, the Joker is usually scandalous and laughing and enjoys the idea of ​​sowing terror., chaos and generate a good laugh.
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