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Pepe is the middleman negotiating armaments amongst the countries that are involved in military conflicts (directly or indirectly).This card states the fact that rich and powerful countries make profits from the sale and purchase of weapons, as well as taking advantage of the opportunity to show their progress in military technology.
It is the double standard for maintaining peace.
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Asset:LORDOFWAR ID:2414836765553
Issuer:1L7aoyA1ZJ75ZW6bLfzpxySfxA1hWZdxEK Suppy:100
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1 1DJK8tvbZWbsHCaSkY5rRQD8A7Rar9HL8V 4 4.00%
2 1L7aoyA1ZJ75ZW6bLfzpxySfxA1hWZdxEK 3 3.00%
3 1JJP986hdU9Qy9b49rafM9FoXdbz1Mgbjo 2 2.00%
4 1EbsYbJ8HcVtUeLX2iFLwRLABUKLpNzKga 1 1.00%
5 1HGf5jvPTi8c7gQhU5HMTh6T2DRK1Tgbc1 1 1.00%
6 1A62aP7McxBpuSsypGtbVoGqPj6N6rNMyT 1 1.00%

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