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There are always unusual stories behind an image, the origin of 17art, begins by creating critical art, transmitting messages through a card.GAMESOFTRUMP, was developed during the explosion of fans of Games of thrones, but with the irony of knowing the power of the Targaryen house where a heritage of golden hair that passed from generation to generation not only inherited their great hair like Donald Trump, they also inherited the power and cunning to wield it.Uncle Donald not only grew up and became known as Daenerys, but he looked for a way to raise the dragons and ride them to have control of the most powerful nation in modern society, his cunning was so ingenious that his power possibly seems infinite who He knows if after a hypothetically created Q at the same moment that the great power of his reign is exerted just in 2017, Uncle Don exercises his power, with so much power he is capable of destroying whoever would think against him or perhaps sleeping with some Beautiful young ladies, we do not know what their limit is, we only know that that great mane will never disappear just like the Roaring Lion.
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