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Sometimes we make assumptions about history and the repetitiveness of events through it, however sometimes we want to share what we think through art.this does not imply that an event is 100% accurate or true, but sometimes our opinions seem so impressive, convincing and have so many coincidences that our minds explode and we want to share our ideas.the art and motive of CriticArt was to share ideas and critical thoughts, opinions about subjects or events.This image came to my mind analyzing various aspects that ended up coinciding and again showing numbers given by Tesla many years ago, in the image I captured the 36th anniversary of the incident in Chernobyl (1986 to 2022) exactly on April 22, 36 ($ in ASCII) anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. 04/24/1917: in Petrograd (tsarist capital of Russia), a revolt becomes a military rebellion that forces Tsar Nicholas II to abdicate.Thus begins the Russian Revolution. 04/24/2022: Russian invasion of Ukraine. It is interesting how Putin uses dates referring to some historical event to carry out certain actions, perhaps they are simply coincidences but this could tell us perhaps of some event organized by Russia soon to happen in Ukraine Putin likes dates with historical background and even remembers many events from history in his talks, which is why it generates some intrigue to think that he can use an event from history again to perform a specific movement.This is all conjecture, but I think there may be some movement in the Russian economy or war on or about the same date.But these are only my opinions, however the number 36 is interesting again in the history of the world, if we divide it by 4 we observe the number 9 again and as a result we enter the triangle exposed by Tesla 369, we remember that these figures derive us a circle and again the importance of 9 in this formula, 3+6=9 (369), Tesla\'s favorite numbers.coincidentally the war against ukraine occurs months before the 36th anniversary of chernobyl and 36 forms the triangulation with 9 being its main number.The coincidence of these numbers caused me interest, hence the date and numbers on the letter. The big bear that is seen above refers to the block chain and the adoption of bitcoin, also that this constellation of stars is best observed in the month of April remembering that Putin meme about a bear LOL, again the president stuck inside the formula, I find it interesting that all the events that have been happening in recent years have been to benefit in one way or another the bitcoin network and the world of cryptocurrencies, the covid, the war, the printing of dollars, everything This is giving rise to a massive burnout of the economy, something that again reminds us of the year 2017, again on the 17th in formula Q, it seems the beginning of a total change in humanity, it seems that many things began right there, it could be said that 2017 is an epicenter for the before and after history? I observe the world changing and I wanted to reflect it in an image.Like I said, it\'s guesswork from things I\'ve seen on the net, events, news and others.I found it very interesting to unite all this in an image that expresses much more than what I explain in this short text, but sometimes it is better to observe and discover more than what a text explains to us. Open Link.

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