Art has told stories of life, death, betrayal or glory over the years and this is something that has not changed and will not change in the near future, therefore we want to continue spreading art through your knowledge and desire to express unique ideas. 17ART is an artistic concept based on Critical Art, Graphite Art and Artistic Paint, wanting to individually express messages through unique decentralized art. If you are an artist and want to express your art, we invite you to join our network.

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Without truth we cannot see clearly, truth can only live where there is light.

With truth we are able to make the best choices for ourselves and our lives.
When we can see clearly our path is in front of us.
To live in the light is to walk with God.Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

God blinded Egypt that they may better SEE Him.
Sometimes some of us have to walk through the darkness so we can find the Light for ourselves.

God always finds a way of SHOWING us truth- because the most profound change felt in the human heart only comes by experience.
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