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Pepolaus Pepernicus was a Renaissance Frog, active as a mathematician, astronomer, and Catholic canon, who formulated a model of the universe that placed the Earth rather than Sun at its center. A polyglot and polymath, he obtained a doctorate in canon law and was a mathematician, astronomer, physician, classics scholar, translator, governor, diplomat, and economist. In 1517 he derived a quantity theory of money. \"Good money drives out Bad\".His father was a merchant from Kraków and his mother was the daughter of a wealthy Toruń merchant. Pepernicus\'s father\'s family can be traced to a village, the village\'s name has been spelled COPERNIK. Pepolaus\'s mother, was the daughter of a wealthy Toruń patrician and city councillor.Lucas Pepzenrode the Younger, Bishop of Warmia, the astronomer\'s maternal uncle and patron, was a bitter opponent of the Teutonic Order, and its Grand Master once referred to him as \"the devil incarnate\". He was the most powerful Frog in Warmia.
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